Pro Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes

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I personally found the original magnetic lashes difficult to apply then removing them I didn’t like the idea of your natural lashes clamped down in between a set of magnetic lashes especially when it came to removing them, I was always afraid of damaging my own lashes!

Well no more, now Magnetic lashes just got easier with the use of the NEW Magnetic Eyeliner, you need only apply one magnetic lash per eye with the use of the Magnetic Eyeliner. Giving you a natural, light and long lasting wear. Simply apply 2  layers of Magnetic Eyeliner wait for each layer to dry (approx 20 secs for each layer of liner to dry) and each lash will adhere to the eyeliner so easily and quickly lasting all day / night. So no more glue! You can also wear the eyeliner without the lashes.

It’s light weight and safe for the eye without burning or stinging. No Led and Vegan friendly.

As the liquid liner contains glycerin liquid this is quite good for post radiation therapy patients for moisturizing and is safe to use. This information has been checked and confirmed by a doctor and pharmacist.

I absolutely love them I hope you’ll love them too!


1. Gently peel off Magnetic Lashes and remove Magnetic Liquid Liner residue from the band/magnets, taking care not to detach magnets from band. Store in tray for reuse.

2. To remove Magnetic Liquid Liner, gently wipe an oil-based makeup remover over closed eyelids until clean.

  • Glue-Free – Eliminates risk of using glue and quickens up the speed of attaching lashes so you can look good whenever!
  • Eco-Friendly and Safer for Environment-Fake Lashes require glue that is very harmful for the environment. Magnetic Eyelashes replace the need for glue therefore being very eco friendly
  • Long Lasting Magnetic Eyelashes-You can reuse these lashes multiple times. The lashes can support up to 30 wears! Save cash instead of constantly purchasing more strip lashes!
  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin-A better option than fake lashes if you have super sensitive skin, since no abrasive glue is needed and it’s LED freeLatex free, Cruelty free and Vegan friendly!
  • Magnet-Infused Liquid Eyeliner in Black is highly pigmented & long-lastingGet up to 15 wears from the Eyeliner alone.
  • Easy eyeliner brush that helps create even application and allows easy control for a precise line.
  • No Damage to the Natural Lashes




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