New XXL PreMade Lash Tray

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New XXL PreMade Volume Fans Trays are now available in 6D & bigger Trays so more fans!

‘Fake it til you make it’

These PreMade Volume lashes perfect if you are mad busy and want to give your clients that extra volume without the stress of hand making your fans. Not to take away from making your Volume fans by hand as I love them also but these pre-made fans allow you to ‘cheat a little’ and if you haven’t yet been trained in xD Volume Fans and want to give your clients that extra volume then these will take that stress right away.

These pre-made fans are so lightweight and have a short slim base, you only need to add a little amount of glue and it will not travel up the neck of the fan and cause them to close up adding extra weight on the natural lash.

To apply, lift very gently from the base and lift away from you, ‘botttoms up’, place on the back of your hand or lash plate and pick up as you would an individual lash and apply like you would with an individual classic lash extension…and ‘Voila’ you have the Volume effect! These lashes are also perfect for creating your ‘Hybrid’ set of lashes along with our Classic Flat  SuperSoft & Flat Soft lashes.

To use these pre-made fans you do not need to be Volume trained however it is important you understand and know the appropriate weights of volume fans which suit the natural lash without causing any damage.

Each Tray consists of 12 rows x 20 fans on each row

Total number of fans in each XXL Tray 240




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