Light Russian Volume

Treatment Info

Duration: 120Min

Otherwise known as 2D, 3D,4D-8D lash extensions, where we apply 2/3/4 etc. lashes to one natural lash to create a fan. This application we use to create Volume Fans (Light or Full set) using only the finest of faux mink lash extensions we create a multitude of Volume across the lash line, it’s all in the ‘technique’ to creating beautiful lashes. This technique is perfect if you have very short, fine or sparse lashes as the Volume fans will disguise any flaws and make your lashes look full and so soft like never before.  All our Volume sets are handmade fans to give you a more customized look. These lashes are so light you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!


Should you wish to book more than one Treatment please book longest Treatment first to have your appointments back to back. Thank you.