Classic Flat SuperSoft Lashes .20mm

Product Info

Our Super Soft Flat Classic Lashes in Single and Mix Length Trays are just what you need for natural classic and hybrid sets. Flat lashes adhere more easily to the natural lash because of their flat surface which improves retention for your clients. You can even use them in the stacking technique or use a heavier lash than you usually would for classic sets because they are half the weight of a normal Classic Lash. For example, a Flat .15mm is like using a .07mm and Flat .20mm is like using a .10mm! You won’t believe how ‘SuperSoft’ they are until you try them!

Our Super Soft Flat Lashes are specifically and exclusively available in .20mm because of their ‘softness’ they are so light on the natural lashes so they won’t cause any damage.




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