A1 Adhesive

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How to use:

All eyelash extension adhesives should be stored in a dark drawer or airtight storage jar (with rice) away from direct sunlight. Before use shake bottle for approximately 20 seconds before dispensing. Never take the entire top off your adhesive as you don’t want any air and moisture entering into your adhesive causing your glue to deteriorate. Your adhesive should last approximately 3 months once stored correctly and depending on how often your usage. After each use the nozzle should be wiped clean with a lint free wipe or bed roll tissue. Do not use cotton wool or baby wipes as the fibers can react with the adhesive and cause an exothermic reaction.

How to get the most from your A1 adhesive:

Refresh your adhesive every 20 minutes

All adhesives cure from the outside in and will start to set from the rim of the circle of adhesive. Always dip your individual lash extension or fan into the middle of your A1 adhesive to get the freshest part of your glue whether from a glue ring or jade stone.

Lash Tip: If you use a Nanomister throughout your treatment, at the end of applying your lash extensions, your curing time will be greatly reduced to 3-4 hrs (no more 24hrs) and this also helps with better retention! Your clients will love you even more when you hand them the mirror!




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