New A1 Adhesive-Oil Resistant

Product Info

Product Info
Our very first ‘Oil Resistant‘ glue is finally here! Everything you need in one bottle.
When choosing a glue for lash extensions application it can get very confusing with so many lash adhesive’s on the market. Having tried and tested so many formulas myself over the years I wanted to make it easy not just for me when choosing the best glue but for all lash artists out there. I’m so excited to announce my New A1 THE BEST Glue for both Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions application is here. Take the stress out of worrying about retention issues, you and your clients will love it! It’s certainly given me more confidence. (Please check your environment as they can vary and affect your glue)

Why we think A1 is THE BEST Glue
Oil Resistant- your clients won’t have to worry about using oil-based products
No need for separate glue’s for different applications
Bonds in 1 sec
Allows you to work quickly
Ideal for Classic / Hybrid / Volume & Mega Volume application
Works between 20-25 degrees room temperature
Works in humidity 30% – 70%
Has retention durability of 6-7 weeks
You can work with the same droplet of glue for up to 30 mins-1hr (no need to replace your glue every 15-20mins like most glue’s so you will use less) Depends on your room temperature and humidity environment
Has very low fumes
Fine viscosity-to get the best from our New A1 glue will depend on temperature and humidity in your room. If humidity is low, dip your lash extension into the centre of glue bead ‘slowly’ however if humidity is high, ‘quick dip’ to create a small bead of glue before application. To monitor your heat and humidity I would suggest you use a Thermometer/Hygrometer (available to purchase in our online shop)

How to Store A1 THE BEST Glue
Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool place
Store in a dark drawer in an airtight container or sealed pouch
Shelf life unopened 6 months, opened 1 month
Before use leave at room temperature for a few minutes and shake bottle well for 2-3 minutes
Make sure to wipe clean the nozzle after each use to avoid build up of glue and use pin provided in pouch to avoid glue clogging in funnel

All adhesives cure from the outside in and will start to set from the rim of the circle of adhesive. Always dip your individual lash extension or fan into the middle of your A1 adhesive to get the freshest part of your glue whether from a glue ring or jade stone.
Lash Tip: If you use a Nanomister throughout your treatment, (primarily if the humidity is low) at the end of applying your lash extensions, your curing time will be greatly reduced to 3-4 hrs (no more 24hrs) and this also helps with better retention! Your clients will love you even more when you hand them the mirror! Also when you’ve opened your glue for the first time I would suggest you to use the pin provided in the pouch to avoid glue build up in nozzle.

Contains Cyanoacrylate




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