1hr Classics/Hybrids (existing clients only)

Treatment Info

Duration: 60Min

must be within 4 wks of initial application

Lash refills are essential every 3-4 weeks from initial application to keep them looking their best. Lash shedding is a natural process. Believe it or not we lose between 2-5 lashes per day and goes unnoticed naturally but more so when we have lash extensions.  As a natural lash has reached its maturity and falls out a new lash is there in its place to take over. Depending on your aftercare, natural lash cycle and shedding seasons you may need to come in sooner for your refills. ** Lash Extensions do not damage your natural lashes and will always grow back. Talk to your Lash Artist for more information.


Should you wish to book more than one Treatment please book longest Treatment first to have your appointments back to back. Thank you.