Advanced Masterclass of Eyelash Extensions


Advanced Masterclass of Eyelash Extensions

This Masterclass is designed to turn lash technicians into lash artists. This course is a follow on from a Beginners / Foundation in Eyelash Extensions course and as part of your training you will master all the creative tricks of the trade. It is advised to have a minimum of 3-6 months experience doing lash extensions and feel confident styling your clients. You must have a certificate in foundation in eyelash extensions before commencing to the Advanced Masterclass because of the different techniques that will be taught on this course. This course is of course optional and is ideal if you want to advance to learning xD Volume Lashes and more so build on your confidence to creating beautiful lashes on your clients.

During this Advanced Masterclass you will learn

The lash curls, colours and thicknesses used in advanced lash styling and volume work
The skill of creating and applying lashes to create more volume, using multi-lash pick-up and various techniques (Capping, Stacking & Feathering)
Specialist Bridging technique
Open & Closed-eye techniques for lower lash application
Applying coloured lashes, how to apply them, lash selection and application
Styling and volume tricks for creating individual looks
Aftercare and lash cleansing methods recommended for clients with volume lashes


€450 (incl Vat & Student Kit) 1:1

€350 for past students (discount)

1 hr Lunch

Booking Fee €150.00 to be paid to secure date

Balance due on day of course

Course includes Student kit (Value €125)

Please note that this course consists of four parts: theory, practical on a live model, at least 6 case studies and an assessment in the Academy. Your assessment is usually your last case study which you will be required to bring a model for 1.5hrs. For your assessment you may choose the preferred technique i.e. capping, stacking, feathering, bridging, coloured lashes or lower lash application.


The beauty of us giving 1:1 we can be flexible with course dates to suit both the tutor and the student, we understand in this day and age we all run busy lives so we will do our best to accommodate, to find out course dates please email

If course dates do not suit, suitable dates can be arranged.



Day 1: 10.30am – 5.30pm (1 hr Lunch)-Theory & Practical on live model*

*you are required to bring your own model and a model for your assessment however if you are unable to do so please let us know and we will do our best to supply a model.

Summary of course benefits

During and on completing the course and passing the assessment you will:
Learn from one of the best lash artists worldwide, multi award winner & Lash Educator, Thereasa Arcari
Receive The Guild of Beauty Therapists Accredited Diploma which is recognised Worldwide
Access to Private Members Lash Boutique Academy Facebook Page
Each student will be given a 15% discount every time you shop at
€100 off  further training accredited courses at the Lash Boutique Academy
Ongoing support from The Lash Boutique Academy


Successful completion of the course requires that you demonstrate comprehension of the key concepts of lash extensions and that you submit the required number of case studies within 3 months after completion of training. On successful assessment you will be awarded your well deserved Diploma.

Student kit (Included in Course Fee)

All students attending this Advanced Masterclass in Eyelash Extensions Diploma Course, in addition to the course fee, can purchase any of our lash products with 15% discount directly from the Academy forever! During your training all products required will be supplied by the Academy.

*Students will receive The Lash Boutique Academy Student Kit (Value €125) 13 pieces

1x Training Manual

1 x Diamond Pen & Notepad

1 x Sample Client Consultation Form

2 x Trays Mink Lashes (1 Tray Coloured Lashes & 1 Tray Lower Lashes)-may be subject to change based on stock availability

1 x Crystal Lash Plate

1 x A1 Adhesive (fast drying)

1 x Pink Cream or Gel Remover (whichever one is in stock)

1 x Pickup Tweezers

1 x Isolation Tweezers

6 x Pairs of Lint Free Eye Pads

1 x Hand Sanitizer